Synth Harmony

Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

What Is This?

Is Synth Harmony really a podcast?  

Synth Harmony offers short episodic musical experiences of 8 minutes or less that are accompanied by descriptive musical commentary.  In form, Synth Harmony is a video podcast series, available by RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and pushed to subscribers who subscribe to the podcast.   

It is the style of Synth Harmony that is in question.  Can you have a podcast without a single spoken word?  

I had this concept of combining music television with the written word. Use multi-camera television with keyboard close-ups to allow other keyboardists to easily follow musical passages  that might be useful for them to copy or adapt.  The program notes for each episode put the musical improvisations into words. The listeners/viewers/readers experience synesthesia, the crossing of the senses between their ears, their eyes, and the voice that reads to them in their heads.

The contrarian in me delights in producing a wordless video podcast in a world with so much talking.  However, I think there is some value in this new form for music syndication.  The real test will be the utility of this form.  I believe people will find this useful.  If it is truly useful then there will be a place for it.       

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