Synth Harmony

Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

Synthetic Pleasure (Plaisir Synthetique)

May 21st, 2021

This is a performance of Jean-Marc Matos & Company in front of a large crowd at the Festival de la Rochelle in the south of France, July 1983.  I performed the video live during the live dance presentation using the Chromaton 14 Analog Video Synthesizer, the Adwar Special Effect Keyer, and my homemade camera-monitor chain for video feedback.  It was sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture.  I created the music with the EML 400/401 Analog Sequencer, my Creatronics modified Casio M10, Harald Bode's Barberpole phaser, and one of the very first Linn Drum machines programmed by the famous blues guitarist Dave Fields at the remarkably precocious age of 14. Consider it "Techno" style EDM anticipated long before the genre emerged.

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