Synth Harmony

Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

Bamboo In The Rain: Part One

March 29th, 2020

No one can tell what's hidden in your gardens
That only emperors may fathom joyfully.
I lie here on an ordinary meadow.
My answer here, too close to really see.

My mind goes wandering in Chinese gardens,
Where sacred lotus flowers bloom in vain.
I'll never see or touch those crisp, white blossoms,
Nor thrill to rustling bamboo in the rain. “

from "China Gardens" by Liilia Morrison

Recorded in October of 2017, using arpeggiation from SpectraSonic's virtual synth "Omnisphere" combined with conventional piano and strings from the Kurzweil K2600.  

Anyone who knows performing musicians knows that they are not always in their "right" minds, or in their minds at all.  Here, obviously, I was floating above it all.



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