Synth Harmony

Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

Flowing Water, Part One

March 28th, 2020
you are my strum,
my tune,
and all my guitars

Madi Cook

Here in "Flowing Water" I am playing with the sound of the Classical Guitar played on the keyboard.  Sometimes it's like a harpsichord on a lute stop, other times it is reminiscent of the nylon acoustic guitar without trying too hard to imitate it.

I only play this because of my love of the nylon classical instrument, played only by fingers without a pick, held close to your chest with the vibrations entering your heart.  Many a night I fell asleep while embracing a guitar, only to wake and gently put it into its case.  On keyboard I can play things that I wish I could play on guitar but really can't.  However, the keyboard is not a guitar and I never forget that.  It takes me to different places.

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