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Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

Rising Crimson Tide

May 22nd, 2021

Video: 1984  Audio: 2004  I rediscovered this piece recently and thought to share it here.  The visuals I made back in my video studio in 1984: Chromaton 14 Analog Video Synthesizer, NTSC Chromascope Analog Video Synthesizer, Modified Apple II+ Computer with genlock board running the CEEMAC visual composition language, Modified Commodore C64 Computer running Microflix, lots of video feedback.  The audio is my live performance on the Kurzweil K2600, part of the webcast series "Art Music Coffeehouse" that I produced at that time.  That much said, none of this stuff matters much.  Is it art that can still be enjoyed today, even as a very small low resolution video file?  It might work on a phone.  Probably look awful on a big TV.  No matter.  Those that like this sort of thing will find "Rising Crimson Tide" the sort of thing they like.

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