Synth Harmony

Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

Pendulum Mobile

May 17th, 2020

We start by hopping and skipping along, up and down scales in scholarly scalar flippant fashion. Cosmic marimbas join the echoed underwater pianos only to display some ascending octaves in time for the chase. Marimbas solo for an A minor dance that ends up in E major.  Funny how that can happen.  Cue the dramatic piano with strings, one of Debussy's harmonies artfully cribbed with shades of polytonal pianistic impressionism.  Apply the F Maj 4-3 suspension soothing balm. repeat every two measures.  A good place to end, but no.  Enter the sparkling echoed underwater piano with the old dominant 5-7 to one.  Who's keeping score?  The xylophone dances in thirds.  Some Italians vocalize an aria in the next practice room.  Movie music, with a D minor close at 3:21.  3:45 gets all frilly, trilly, and rather courtishly silly.  Dissonance at 4:11 deserves a mutated repeat.  Where could this lead?  It could lead to a trill on a high C!  Gradually we float to earth, only to rise at last in a classical Japanese Hirajoshi-feeling D minor close. 

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