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ARP 2500 Celebration

September 17th, 2020

At the office of Retrolinear, a repair shop in North Wales, PA where this instrument has been under restoration and repair, on 9-9-20 we made this video as the first celebration of this instrument's new musical life. We are observing the 50th anniversary of the release of the ARP 2500 Modular Synthesizer in October of 1970.

This instrument has three keyboards, two of them monophonic (one note at a time) and one of them duophone (two notes at a time).  It was designed as a studio instrument, not something you play live but an instrument used to layer sounds one track at a time.  Modern modular synthesizers have been influenced by this seminal historic instrument.  

I played these instruments extensively starting in the fall of 1971.  At Sinergia Studio in Honolulu, HI, under the tutelage of my mentor and teacher Peter Coraggio, we established an ARP Dealorship where we demonstrated, taught classes and sold the entire line of ARP synthesizers.  The flagship instrument was our ARP 2500 Modular.  

It was great fun to play a restored ARP 2500 as we honored the memory of Alan R. Pearlman, the founder and inventor of the ARP Synthesizer.  Support the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation ( and visit EMEAPP to join and support them as well.


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