Synth Harmony

Electronic keyboards up close and personal.

Airplane Ride

May 30th, 2020

We take off in G Ominous Minor, knowing only that five minutes later at the end of our journey we will be landing in E Soothing Major.  Between is improvised musical flyover country.  Leaving Newark's EWR and heading west the G tonality changes to E major as NJ concrete flows into the woods of Pennsylvania. At 1:42 for reasons unknown we start dancing an F major Scottish jig.  Underneath it all is the pervasive hum of the engines.  At 2:20 I feel like I'm flying over Chicago, the "Windy City".  At 3:30 I'm soaring over the Rocky Mountains seeing the sun glints off the mountain tops.  At 4:00 we reach over to slow down the Korg Trident's arpeggiation as we fly over the great burning hot desert.  I can feel the heat as we slow down.  At 4:30 the captain has lowered the flaps on our approach vector to LAX. At 4:45 the music rises to celestial heights as we touch down in LaLa Land, Los Angeles, cushioned by the foreshadowed E Soothing Major.    

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